Fuel saving device nowadays is becoming a crazy and frenzy and most sought product especially amongst the automotive enthusiasts irrespective of vehicles models and engine capacity. As we all know, many types of fuel saving devices are currently available in the market but mainly they are in liquid or tablet based. Some devices even need to be installed in the engine compartment. No doubt that they are good but the installation and application part can be quite messy and not eco-friendly too.

Looking at this and with the aim to offer something different and unique to the CEMAC consumers as well as to respond for a green technology call by the Government, TRASCO Ltd has engaged a partnership with RSA Marketing a Malaysian based company to develop a unique fuel saving devise, first ever in the automotive market a product known as Eco Power Controller or EPC.

The EPC does not only give the fuel saving benefits but it also act as an efficient

Voltage Stablizer for vehicles.
By just inserting the devise into the cigarette lighter socket, drivers can enjoy many great benefits such as brighter headlight, smoother gearshift, reduce engine pressure, better and clearer audio system, cooler air-condition, increase RPM response rate even when the air conditioned is turned on. Please refer to our brochure for quick reference.

The response we received from the customers since its introduction mid of last year was very encouraging and positive. Many of our customers have given the EPC a thumb up once using it and recommended to their friends. Less than a year, the EPC has gradually made itself presence in the local automotive accessory market. It is no exaggeration to say that the EPC is becoming the most sought fuel saving devise from the consumers due to its unique features, practicality and reasonable price.

In our effort to make the EPC an established and reputable brand in CEMAC market, TRASCO Ltd is in the process to improvise its packaging in order to make it look more presentable, attractive and eco-friendly. The new packaging will be available in the market on March 2012. Have a look out on this great news and more development in our website.

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