About us

TRASCO Ltd is a Cameroonian Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) specialized in Trading, Brand Representation, Distribution, and Services. It was created in 2011 by the initiative of a young Cameroonian entrepreneur. Its 1,000, 000 cfa capital is held by a group of young entrepreneurs.

Company resolutely on the edge of technological innovation and innovative solutions, TRASCO Ltd makes available to its customers a range of energy saving solutions adapted to their needs.

It thus introduced in Cameroon and in CEMAC zone, a range of solutions for energy, fuel saving of 12volts cars battery and 24-50volts cars battery called ECO POWER CONTROLLER. In 2012, we will introduce a fuel saver for motorcycles in the market

To respond to ever growing customer needs, TRASCO Ltd has a network of approved distributors and intends to diversify it across the area of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC).

TRASCO Ltd is putting lots of efforts in marketing and promotions via many advertising platforms such as the internet, blogs, newspapers, flyers and roll up not to forget its participation at PROMOTE 2011. Since its introduction into the local market in 2011, ECO POWER CONTROLLER has recorded remarkable sales within a short period of time. Supported by its distributors across the nation coupled with testimonies and confidence from the customers who have experienced this great technology from Japan, the Company is expecting a steady increase in sales in 2012 and beyond.