Eco power controller (EPC)

Eco Power Controller (EPC) by innovation is much more advance and effective fuel saving devise compared to other fuel saving devise in the market. It saves fuel in the range of minimum 15% and up to maximum 45%. The EPC is specifically designed for vehicles of 2.8 c.c engine and below such as cars, SUV, MPV, 4WD etc

Besides the fuel saving benefit, both EPC has other benefits as follows:

  • Protect vehicles electronic systems
  • Add more pick-up and acceleration power
  • Improve horse power
  • Improve engine torque
  • Reduce engine pressure
  • Stabilize battery voltage
  • Cooler air-conditioned,
  • Smoother gear shift
  • Brighter headlight
  • Clearer audio systems
  • Cleaner emission
  • Prolong battery lifespan and spark plug

All the above benefits can be enjoyed within three seconds once plugged in into the car cigarette lighter socket. The EPC also comes with 1 Year Warranty. In addition, the EPC does not need any maintenance too.


Eco Power Controller provides a steady amount of electrical current to the car’s electronic devices when power fluctuates. Power surges and sudden power drops can cause serious effect car performance or damage to car Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and other sensitive electronic devise. EPC store and provide power to the car which bypasses power fluctuations such as less efficient ignition circuit in car , very poor fuel consumption, low throttle response, misfiring problem, jerking gear shift, all problems may occurred due to a single defect in another electrical problem. EPC solves it by maintaining optimum electrical performance in the car.


Eco Power Controller main function is as a Voltage Stabilizer to the vehicles battery. It will optimize the battery performance and ensures it will always discharge its power at a consistent voltage at all times. In other words, EPC will also minimize the loss of power supply from the battery (which normally happens during charging activities) thus prolong the battery lifespan.

Once EPC is applied, the vehicles will become more energized because the electrical and mechanical component gets the power they should deserve from the battery. In addition, drivers will experienced improve in the pick- up and acceleration power. EPC will also enhance the vehicles gear systems which makes its shifting better and smoother due to a stabilized engine.


Eco Power Controller is a unique and creative innovation which is capable to save vehicles fuel consumption and enhance its overall performance. It is develop and design based on green technology concept and first of its kind in the world that uses microchip technology. With the high technology that comes with it, it is the perfect answers to all vehicles unsettled performance problems e.g poor pick-up and acceleration power, instable battery voltage, poor fuel consumption etc.

Eco Power Controller is suitable to be used on all brand and types of vehicles without having any adverse effect using it. The technology in EPC is develop based on latest and advanced technology from Japan which fits all local and overseas vehicle models. EPC is equipped and made with the best component in the world. These components produced an optimized performance and provided efficient response which makes EPC is one of the best fuel saving and car care products amongst the consumers.

For more info about Eco Power Controller, please refer to the Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ) .