1. What is Eco Power Controller (EPC)?

In simple definition, EPC is car’s Voltage Stabilizer devise which main function is to optimize the vehicle engine thus enhancing the vehicles overall performance. It is a unique innovation with built in microchip which applies the latest Japanese technology. It suits all types of cars (be it old or brand new model) and vehicles that uses 12Volt Battery.

2. How To Use EPC? Follow these 3 simple and easy steps:

  • Turn off your car engine
  • Plug in EPC firmly into your car cigarette lighter socket
  • Turn on your engine and drive.

3. What will happen after plugging in?

Once plugged in, you will see the Green LED bulb will be lighted ( inside the black casing ). This shows your EPC is functioning. If the LED bulb does not lighted, please check your cigarette lighter socket to ensure whether it is still working or it is loose. However, if all is working and the LED bulb is still not lighted after plugging in, please return the EPC to your authorized dealer for free replacement.

4. How long does it take for EPC to function?

Almost instantly and within seconds. As you start driving, you will feel the car acceleration is getting faster. This is the immediate effect you will feel and it is normal. The gear shift is also getting smoother and you can feel the air-cond of the car is much cooler compare as before. These are some of the “symptoms” you will experience once EPC starts functioning. You will also experience many other benefits as stated in the brochures as you drive.

5. Any adverse effects using EPC to my car? Is it safe?

Be rest assured that using EPC to your car is 100% safe. The function of EPC is just like plugging in your thumb drive into the USB port in a computer. The only difference is the EPC obtains its power direct from the car’s battery while the thumb drive gets it direct from the CPU ( Direct Current/DC ). Unlike other home electrical appliances that uses Alternating Current/AC that has possibility to release interference waves.

6. Why do I need to stabilize the car battery using EPC and how does it function?

When we first bought our car, the battery is at its best condition as well as the car’s electrical component. However due to high maintenance, wear and tear as well as ageing factors, our car has slowly lost its performance. Its acceleration power, torque, gear transmission, air cond, headlight, audio systems etc. all are not at their best as compared with the first time we bought it.

Normally, when all these electrical components are turn on simultaneously especially the air cond system, you will feel the car becoming a bit heavier and when this happened, it is piling more pressure to the battery to supply which resulted in later the battery becoming weak and drain faster. As a result of this continuous activity too, the battery will unable to supply the actual and equal power distribution to every car’s component and this will finally affect the car to consume more fuel to burn in order to run the car. It is all inter-related.

The EPC is a creative innovation that will address all this ” irregularities ” in battery power supply. For information, the car cigarette lighter socket is directly connected to the battery and by inserting the EPC into it, EPC will tune the battery to stabilize its power no matter if you were to turn on the air condition, turn on the audio systems, turn on the headlight etc. simultaneously. EPC is just like an isotonic drink that will give new energy and refresh your body after indulging in hard day activities.

So, when all electrical components gets the equal power they deserved from a 12V battery by plugging in the EPC, you will feel the car gets its momentum back just like brand new, smooth riding, cooler air-conditioned, brighter headlight, better audio systems etc. and finally contributes to efficient fuel saving.

7. Will EPC drain my car battery?

NO. Besides Voltage Stabilizer, EPC also functions like a mini car’s battery. It will keep and store any waste energy from the battery during its charging duties and reduce battery current load thus prolong the battery lifespan.

8. Can I unplug the EPC and use it on another car? Will it affect the devise?

There is no harm in doing so but we suggest that one EPC should fit for one car ONLY. The unplugging especially must be done carefully. Frequent unplugged and plugged in EPC to another car may result the cigarette lighter socket to get loose easily thus may affect the connection from the battery to EPC. It may also shorten its lifespan.

9. There are so many Voltage Stabilizer and Fuel Saving devise in the market. What makes EPC so different from the rest?

EPC is different from the rest simply from its unique outlook as well as its operational and functions. The common Voltage Stabilizer available in the market is installed in the engine compartment and most of fuel saving devise is of liquid based and tablet type. Both are undeniably good but the installation part is messy ( you need to open the engine compartment to install as well as open the fuel tank cap to insert the tablet or liquid ).

However thanks to technology, EPC has combined both into one and what is so unique are all benefits from both devise can be achieved by just plug in the EPC inside the car through the cigarette lighter socket. That’s all. So, it protects EPC and its microchip from extreme hot and cold weather conditions, flood, engine vibration etc. thus prolong its lifespan.

10. What is the percentage of fuel saving the car will get if it uses EPC?

For information, fuel saving percentage from one car to another car may differ and very much depends on factors as follows :

  • Traffic condition
  • Car engine and model
  • Car maintenance ( including tyres )
  • Driving attitude

In order to obtain the desired fuel saving by using EPC, the car needs to be in a smooth driving mode. More fuel saving will be experienced especially in a long distance driving e.g highway when there were less traffic and congestion. Drivers will notice that their cars will go into extra kilometres and fuel less when they travelled long distance using EPC. Based on our testing, the fuel saving during long distance driving is between 15% up to 45%.

On the other hand, if the car entered a busy road and caught in a bumper to bumper situation or hardly move, all cars irrespective of model will experience higher fuel consumption. Even if they use any of the latest fuel saving gadget including EPC, very minimal percentage on fuel saving will be felt simply because the car will burnt more fuel especially to support the car’s air-cond systems and other components during a congested situation. The longer your car is trapped in a heavy traffic, the more fuel your car will consume. Verify this with the mechanic.

11. Will I get the same percentage of fuel saving every day/every time when I used EPC ?

Drivers must understand although EPC is also designed to save your fuel consumption, the percentage of fuel saving is subject to various conditions mentioned above. It is important to note that drivers will not get the same or fix percentage of fuel saving every time simply because every day we are driving on different road conditions, different road surface, different traffic flow, different loads, weathers conditions, driving frequency and many other contributing factors.

12. How to conduct fuel saving testing using EPC?

The best way to detect the overall EPC effectiveness including fuel saving is to carry out your own comparison study with and without EPC. Select any cars between 600cc until 2800cc engine. E.g Suzuki, Toyota , Honda, Mazda etc.

Drive your car without EPC first and fuel your tank let say USD30-00 and see how far ( in kilometres ) your car can go. Choose a straight road or any highway. Don’t forget to note down the mileage for your record. When you reached the end of the road, fuel your tank with the same amount and plug in the EPC. Drive your car at the same road or highway. See how many extra kilometres can the car go with EPC plugged in. You may carry out the test in days to get the results and spot the difference. This will be your testimony.

13. Whether any of the Automobile Manufacturers have tested the EPC device or approved by them?

Since this is our own developed product, we did not offer the EPC to any of automobile manufacturers in the world simply because the EPC is just an additional accessory for the consumers. We created and designed the devise for the people usage and not for the car makers. For information, automobile manufacturers would not comment on such devise because if they applies it to their vehicles, it will show that their cars are not economically save in terms of fuel consumption and performance and have to depend on other products which is not developed by them. This would reflect badly to their business.

14. What is the lifespan of EPC?

The lifespan of EPC is 5 to 7 Years. However, if it is handled with good care, the EPC could last about 10 years.