I, Mr NAKHAL, Operation manager of the SAM AUTO company, and after use of the Eco Power Controller,in my Toyota Land Cruiser hereby demonstrate the effectiveness on its functioning at the level of fuel saving, of the electrical and even mechanical system. Indeed, I found a fuel saving of 45% on Douala-Limbe highway. At the electrical level, Eco Power Controller helped to make my car headlights more brighter as well as any light system in it. At the mechanical level, my engine power has increased despite the decline in fuel consumption.
Operation Manager


Eco Power Controller has reduced my fuel consumption by at least 25%; in addition it influences on air conditioning by making it more fresh. The engine of my Toyota Carina 3 is no more suffering a lot. In short, my car is much more light. I recommend to people driving cars to use Eco Power Controller.

M. Dondji Thomas


There is a saving of approximately 20 to 35% on my weekly fuel consumption. Each week I spent 30,000Fcfa for fuel in my Mitsubishi Pajero. But as soon as I connected Eco Power Controller, this has reduced my consumption to 25,000Fcfa and sometimes less. It is an interesting product, it is good for individuals because the fuel saving is guaranteed. It is a product that requires to be known.

M. Patric Einz
Technical Director, Panthère Security


In terms of net result Eco Power Controller delays a few seconds the startup of one of my vehicles (Isuzu). The ratio of consumption per kilometre is appreciable, even optimal. Because I was consuming 12litres for 100 km/h without EPC, now with EPC plugged in my car I spend 9litres 100 km/h.

Engineer Global Security Sytem

Test Report