1. Responsible driving:
    • Avoid an aggressive driving in the city
    • Drive without pressure and start the engine without pressing the accelerator
  2. Drive at a constant and low speed
  3. It is better to turn off the engine when parking for more than 20 seconds. The restart indeed consumes less energy than an engine which rotates in a vacuum.
  4. Use air conditioning sparingly:
    • The fuel consumption can increase by 10% on road and 25% in the city because of the air conditioning.
  5. Car Maintenance :
    • Underinflated tires are equivalent to additional fuel consumption
    • A clogged air filter leads to 3% of fuel over consumption
    • Get regular engine oil drain
    • A good wheels alignment to prevent friction that causes a loss of energy
  6. Low loading when Travelling :
    • Over loading for utility vehicles represents 5% of additional fuel consumption